Land of Love, Mother India Dear friends We just got back from an amazing week in incredible India and we thought it was about time that we tell you a little bit about why we love India so much. Of all the places that we have been around the world, India is the one place where we have felt the most. Feelings of warmth, love, kindness, respect, happiness, gratefulness and chaos. India is so much and so much alive. One big holistic organism of people, animals and nature. Everything connects to everything. What brought us to India in the first place is India’s long and rich history and tradition for making textiles. Being close to people with so much knowledge about the handcraft is a gift and something that inspire us a lot. India is especially known for growing cotton and being one of our favourite materials, we felt drawn to the land of cotton. As designers, we feel that it is necessary to be close to the process and the people involved in making our designs. We also feel that it is our duty to bring the user closer to the maker. Besides our professional interest, there is something about India that we just truly love. India is a very warm country in more than one way. The people and the spirituality among them is so unique for a country this size. There is room for everyone and everyone has a place to be. Perhaps that is why we always feel at home being in India. Wishing you a lovely and warm summer. Julie & Marie Skall
Julie in Anni dress in peace silk
Marie in Sea dress in linen
// thank you India