Skall studio is a Scandinavian fashion brand established in 2013 by the siblings Julie and Marie Skall. With strong roots from the Northern part of Denmark, the family name Skall reflects a very personal, unique and timeless fashion brand.

With its strong Nordic roots, Skall studio is a contemporary fashion brand uniting the art of simplicity and functionality. The essence of the brand is classic, chic and effortless, and the designs are built from minimal and clean-lined aesthetics. Each garment is well-fitted, easy to wear and made of high quality, which meets the demands of a modern wardrobe.

“Well made workmanship that last the test of time and high quality fabrics that age with beauty.”

The concept is to build a perfect wardrobe with garments for every occasion. A classic wardrobe not influenced by fashion trends, but with timeless and accessible pieces that will endure across seasons, from one collection to another.

Skall means seashell in Danish.

The name goes back to our Great-Grand parents, who lived by the North sea in the Northern part of Denmark. Skall tells a story about who we are and where we come from, and we feel a strong connection to the name and what it reflects.






We are very passionate about our work and it is very important for us to feel good about what we do. We care about the environment we live, act and work in. The nature, fellow human beings and animals. We wish to work with a conscious mind, responsibility and a transparent production. We truly care about the footprints we leave behind.




We believe that sustainable fashion starts with good timeless designs of high quality, which can last (almost) forever. We are not into fast and quickly shifting fashion, which often leads to mass production and stressful work environments. We like to take it slow and we love the process of creating something with a story.

Sustainable fashion comes in many colours and it is a constant process and commitment to always try to do better than yesterday. It is a journey of many lessons and small steps in becoming the most sustainable fashion brand we can be.





“Sustainability is the future of fashion and we wish to be a part of that future”.

The materials, which we use, are mostly organic cottons, linen, raw natural fibers and recycle wool. All materials are produced and dyed within the international standards of OEKOTEX, REACH AND GOTS, which means that they have a minimum negative impact on the environment.









We do not use any skins or furs from animals. We love animals and we believe that animals have a natural place on earth, just like humans. We would never hurt or abuse an animal for our own pleasure. A vegan lifestyle is not only an ethical choice, but also a very sustainable one.


One of the most beautiful sustainable choices is to bring life to left over fabrics. On our travels to India, we love to find unique fabrics from our Indian supplier’s stock. Fabrics that have been rejected by others, but still have value and possibilities to be used. That way, we reduce our use of recourses and impact on the environment.




Wool is a beautiful material with many great benefits besides keeping us warm in the cold winter months and having self-cleaning properties. Pure wool do not contain any chemicals, it can be recycled and it is biodegradable. We only work with recycled wool or local produced wool. That is our vision about sustainable and cruelty free wool.

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Labor standards are just as important as the environment is, and we are truly happy to be working with people, which we trust and have known for many years. Good relations are key to a transparent production. We currently work with two factories in India;


One factory is an old, but very modern family owned factory located in New Delhi. Today two sisters run the factory and they are known for their high quality standards and nice workmanship. The factory has the international BSCI certification (Business Social Compliances Initiative), which means that the factory works with a set standard for ethical and fair labor, and improvement of the same. We mainly produce more delicate garments and garments with handmade embroidery at this factory.


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When it comes to packing materials, we also work with a sustainable mindset. All plastic used for packing are either made from biodegradable material or reused plastic bags. We encourage all of our suppliers to use reused plastic bags whenever it is necessary. We also reuse cardboard cartons when sending garments to our customers. All paper materials are made from recycled materials and reused before given to a recycle centre. Ribbons used for packing are made of 100% natural raw jute (raw cotton fiber material).



Transportation, an inevitable part of life, which has major impact on the environment and which is something we can all affect. Positively or negatively. As long as we are a young company and our production is on a smaller scale, we choose to use airfreight from India to Denmark when bringing home our garments twice a year. We are well aware that this is not a sustainable choice compared to using shipping by sea. However, there is room for improvement and we know that we will get there at some point.






Everything we do is with a conscious and sustainable mindset and we encourage our customers to do the same. We recommend eco-friendly garment care and wash;

•Airing your garments in fresh air instead of washing.

• Avoid too much washing. Only wash your garments when it is really necessary.

• When really necessary, choose washing by hand instead of machine wash. If you choose machine wash, do it at max 30’ degrees.

• Use eco-friendly soap. Look for the EU ecolabel.

• Do not use tumble dryer, dry bleach or dry cleaning.

• Repair damages. Skall studio offers free repair if anything happens to your garment.

• Whenever you are finished with a garment, recycle it by passing it on to a friend or a second hand shop. Classic styles and garments of high quality can last forever.




We are curious people and we are always eager to learn something new. We love to talk about sustainable fashion and what it means to us and everyone else.

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