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Skall studio is a sustainable fashion brand established in 2013 by the siblings Julie and Marie Skall.  Sustainable fashion comes in many colours and it is a constant process and commitment to always try to do better than yesterday. It is a journey of many lessons and small steps in becoming the most sustainable fashion brand we can be.

Letter no. 7. November 2018. Malene, woman and nature

Letter no. 7. November 2018. Malene, woman and nature

Dear friends,

This is a special one. A special one because of the special woman it is about and a special one because of the special friendship we have with this woman. Malene Micha is someone whom we consider being an important part of the Skall family. Not just because we have known each other since the beginning of Skall, but also because of the common interests and values we share together.

Through a common friend, we met Malene for the first time when we did our very first look book photo shoot more than 4 years ago. Malene came working for us as a make-up artist and ever since that day, we kept meeting and working together on different projects and in different contests. We kept coming back to Malene because of her warm, positive and clever personality. It is always such a joy being with Malene and she keeps inspiring us with her open heart and mind.

When we started talking about making this Letter about Malene, we quickly decided that the pictures should visualize our shared love for nature and animals. Two of the most important elements in our lives. Like us, Malene grew up close to nature and with animals being a natural part of her life. Having horses in her backyard and spending all of her time with them.

“I remember just lying on a horse back, daydreaming and going on adventures in the nature. The connection and feelings you share with a horse are very delicate and I love the beauty of communicating with a horse.” Malene

A strong connection to nature and animals is something that we all should appreciate and cherish in our lives. The essence of nature’s exclusive escapism and sensitive sophistication creates balance and peace of mind in a life full of opportunities and expectations.

Stay grounded and take good care of yourself and Mother Nature,

Julie & Marie Skall


Pere shirt


Dot dress


Penny knit


Carolyn skirt


Henri blouse

Letter no. 8. January 2019. Bea, pure beauty

Letter no. 8. January 2019. Bea, pure beauty

Letter no. 6. Oktober 2018 Welcome to our studio

Letter no. 6. Oktober 2018 Welcome to our studio