Skall Studio er et dansk modebrand etableret i 2013 af søstrene Julie og Marie Skall. Med sans for smukke tekstiler og feminine silhuetter, skaber søstrene klassiske og tidsløse kollektioner, som henvender sig til kvinder i alle aldre. Skall søstrenes bæredygtige livstil har de videreført til deres kollektioner, som består af økologiske materialer, rent hør, og strik produceret i Danmark. Udover Danmark, bliver Skall kollektionerne syet i Indien. Skall søstrenes kærlighed til Indien kommer efter at de begge har været bosat i landet, hvilket også afspejles i deres kollektioner som har yndige, fine detaljer og et afslappet boheme udtryk. Skall har et enkelt koncept, som er at opbygge den perfekte garderobe med tøj til enhver lejlighed, en garderobe der ikke er påvirket af modetrends, men kan bruges på tværs af sæsoner og i lang tid.

Skall letter no. 10. April 2019. Anna, a modern mother

Skall letter no. 10. April 2019. Anna, a modern mother

Dear friends,

We arrive at the home of Anna Engstrøm - a beautiful villa from 1865 in Helsingør, situated with a view towards Kronborg Castle. The frontdoor is painted in a subtle dusty blue which sets the scene as we enter the home of Anna, her fiancé Allan, their nine months old son Edgar and their dog Ingeborg.

Anna is 23 and started working at Eurowoman as a fashion assistant when she was 19 years old, later she was headhuntet for a job at Noise PR. Now she has chosen her own path, since it’s important for her to keep a balance in her work- and familylife. She started her Instagram page @Vieille_ - an aesthetic and unique vintage shop with neatly chosen styles, found on her many trips abroad. Besides that she works as a consultant helping companies creating content.

When Anna was 22 she gave birth to her son Edgar. It has been a beautiful journey for Anna to become a mother at a young age. To her it seems as if life has only just begun since they had their son. Anna and Allan have so much love for each other and they couldn’t see why they shouldn’t have a child at the time.

”My biggest concern was if I was going to be able to do all the things I wanted. What about education, my career, will I lose my friends? Can I handle being a mother at this age? But when I look at where I am in my life, what I have and what I have achieved, then I wasn’t really that young or inexperienced at 22.”


To Anna it’s important to be present and do things that makes sense to her. Sustainability is one of those things that is important to her and her family.

“The sustainable choices we make in our home, is mostly based on what we buy. A lot of objects in our home is bought secondhand, on markets and auctions. I would at any time prefer to buy something used instead of new – and it always hurts my heart a little bit when we have to buy something completely new. The same applies to our wardrobes, whereas most of our clothing is secondhand, or from a sustainable production. We prioritise to buy less and choose well."

Two years ago Allan became a vegetarian, so it’s not often that we have meat in our fridge. Where many families try to have one meat free day a week, we try to eat meat once a week for Edgar. The meat industry is really bad for the environment, but we aren’t fanatic about it, since our shoes are made of leather and I think there should be room to eat a bit of meat every once in a while. But I do wish that more families would try to cut down on their meat intake and try to explore more with vegetarian food.”

Anna is a modern mother, who dares to follow her own path and listen to her inner calm.

A big inspiration to us.

Julie & Marie Skall

Photo Marie Louise Munkegaard - Styling Trine Nørgaard

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Thank you Anna

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